Friday, 7 May 2010

Football Fridays

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is around the corner. Yeah! Something is happening here...

I am seeing everybody driving around with South African flags hanging from their windows, and South African flags covering their side mirrors! (I like it!)

All over we have been doing Football Fridays for a couple of weeks. We are dressing up to fit the theme at our workplaces. I even have a Zakumi (the official FIFA mascot) t-shirt which I wear every Friday. We have seen the diski dance being demonstrated, and the Vuvuzela is heard (annoyingly) everywhere!

At school the teen has been dressed in the football colours since the previous Friday. She organised a yellow t-shirt in the official Bafana Bafana (South Africa’s official team) colours. But she decided to buy herself an England jacket over the weekend. She wanted to wear it with the England scarf and pet she got as a gift from my sister in England. She came home very angry when the principal announced that they could only wear yellow on a Friday. Now she dislikes the principal even more than before... (Smile)

I felt very sorry that she had spent the money, but salute the principal for only allowing yellow!

There is a lot of bad vibes going around here in our country, but there is something positive building here with the World Cup coming to our part of the World!

Thumbs crossed for a bit of goodness bringing us together again...

Go, Bafana Bafana! Go, South Africa!

Go, World!

(Photo: Mieka with a plastic 2010 football. She loves playing/kicking it)


  1. They should be able to support any team they choose!!
    Go England go!! ;-)

    SA won't last more than one game so then she can wear UK colours!!

    Enjoy the Soccer vibe and everything happening there. Surely we will party with in London too.

  2. Well, I am boycotting soccer Fridays - I am wearing my blue bulls rugby shirt today. Support a team that will win I say. Other than Bafanna (Ps I am not very popular in the office right now)

  3. The fever is mounting... I am getting very excited! Unfortunately, we are a family divided. Husband is English, I am British born, but raised in SA - and we have 3 dual nationality kids!!
    It's gonna be fun in our house! x


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