Thursday, 19 November 2009

Soap box tirades

Emotional abuse is not on! I think it is the worst kind of abuse! Because you can’t show the wounds! I have been stewing now for days with a bad aftertaste in my mouth. It was part of my previous life, and today I go into full battle mode when there is even the slightest breeze of emotional manipulation in the air!
Why do we keep quiet when we are caught up in the game? Do we need to play out the drama until we finally realize that it is not on? Or are we too proud or too ashamed to admit we are not being treated as we should be? I think that has been my reason for putting up with it for so long! Ten years, but ten years has passed since then as well. (Wow! It shows my age.) When I hear of a friend who has been subjected to it as well, I am amazed at how much the modus operandi shows similarities.
Partners that tell you and make you feel crap, AND tell you that you’re thinking are wrong. Partners who do not do their share, but make you feel guilty when you try to hold everything together. Partners who prevent you from being with your friends and family and wants to have 100% of you all of the time…
Enough of the bad stories! I am kicking the soap box back underneath the bed. Powerwoman do not dwell on the past for too long. Everybody has to make their own decisions about how long they want to play in their dramas! Thank goodness for friends and family who help you through the bad times! (I support you too, friend!)
Now my drama is about babies and dogs and teenagers and trying to cope with being a working mother and wife! Peanuts for Powerwoman! (Wink-wink, smile)
I wonder what type of dramas we keep playing that we could have stopped long ago?


  1. I used to be in a relationship like that too. It was verbal and physical abuse I had to endure. In my case he made me feel like no one else would ever love me, and if you hear that long enough, you stay. I also didn't have any contact with my family while we were an item, so I had no support. But today I do not regret a thing, as without that ex, I would never have met my wonderful husband!

  2. Luckily most of us come out stronger in the end! It's good to see the positive in it. I have become "Powerwoman"! :-) I can learn my daughters to never ever be subjected to such behaviour!

  3. Amen! IT took me 17 years and a lot of counseling to realise and learn what emotional manipulation looks like, and to stand up and say "NO". I hope your friend recognises the abuse for what it is, and that she does something about it. We should all be shouting from our soap boxes about this, and we must teach our kids about it too. Thank you for raising such valid points.


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