Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day Care punishment

The woman looking after Mieka at the crèche had been fired. She was seen giving a baby a hiding. They have closed circuit television, and she was caught red-handed. My first thought was that she was caught having a smoke near a baby, or that she had left the babies on their own. This would have been worse as well. I am thankful that the crèche management reacted immediately.
But, Horrors! I can’t imagine what possesses a person to hit a baby. There is never a reason. What if she had hit Mieka as well? I hate the thought! The thought that we have to trust other people to look after our babies. Damn that I have to work! Do other people feel the same as me? Or am I just feeling down? The working mother’s guilt kicking in again?

Mieka has got her second tooth. They are coming in one after the other, because we can see them in the gums, all shiny. Luckily it did not affect her very badly. You always hear the scary stories about teeth and babies getting sick. She only has a runny nose, and the sleeping has been going better this week. Margot, it seems we are not going to need the sleep training. (Thumbs crossed!) We are also noticing that she is pivoting on her behind, and sometimes gets on her one knee when she want to reach out to something or someone. Maybe the crawling thing is still going to happen? Self-talk: RELAX, Karen, and enjoy the baby!


  1. It must've been a shock to find out she's fired because of that!! She should never have been in that job in the first place. I don't know what I will do if a stranger should give my boy a beating, I'll totally lose it!!!

  2. Arrgghh! Hitting babies! NONONONONOOOO. So glad that person's gone!

  3. I am so horrified at your story... shame for the poor mom whose child it was. How old was the baby nogal. Dont beat urself up bout working, whether you have to work or not, if you place your child in someones care, there are standards we have the right to expect.

    Best of luck with the crawlind, sounds like it will happen soon!

  4. We don't know whose baby it was, but apparently his parents were called in and shown the video. The babies are not one year yet in the class.
    Yes, I think she will crawl, because she is moving around on her butt now. :)


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