Thursday, 12 November 2009

The pointy finger and the crab creep

It is amazing how much a baby can accomplish with a finger. Mieka points it in a direction, and we GO in that direction!
Point to mirror.
Go to mirror.
Point… Go…!
She has mastered HER world with THE finger!
That’s one way of moving…
I was also voicing my concern about the not crawling. But Mieka has started to get onto the left knee from a sitting position, and then move forward on her bum. The right leg is used to drag her forward. And she MOVES at an amazing speed. Is that the creeping they are talking about?
It looks a bit like a crab movement. The crab creep! She also leopard crawls backwards when she is put on her stomach. I am wipe-my-brow relieved! Years of paying for extra math’s classes have just been cleared from our account. I hope so? Or is the crab creeping and backward leopard crawling still not helping the gray matter to fire and make enough connections?


  1. lol like a crap crab movement? Zander is moving in secret. I will put him down and when I look he'll be at another place but I still can't figure out how he got there! He never does that when I'm looking!

  2. ha ha - she will crawl - you will see! No extra classes of anything - she is going to be the brightest button in her class!!!!

  3. Lol! the new mode of transportation... the fingercator!

    As an OT I can categorically state that it matters not what method of movement or crawling a baby does as long as they spend time on their tummies and get those back and shoulder and hip muscles working! Plus I agree with Yvonne she sounds like she's already a bright little button :)

  4. Hi Tasneem. Thanks for the good advice!
    Sorry, you guys about the bad spelling. Da Inglish is not always good - it was not a crap creep, but a crab creep! :-)


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