Friday, 6 November 2009

MA stocktaking

(MA is mother in the Afrikaans language, but also an abbreviation for Magister Atrium)

Arnia has started with her exams – THAT time of the year already! The students have started even earlier. It made me think with a tinge of regret about my Master studies I had to give up on this year. I started with my MA in Information Science in 2006 already, but it went very slow. I am not the best student, especially when I am not bound to time-limits… Last year I struggled to complete it, because I was constantly tired during the pregnancy! I thought it would be a breeze when the baby was here, because then I could work while she was sleeping. Surprise! Mieka did not sleep the expected four-hourly breaks like her sister did 15 years back… We have not been sleeping since, although it is going much better than in the beginning!
When I read L K’s blog yesterday about the horse she had to let go, I came to the realization that we as parents all have to let go of something! I asked Dries as well, and he says it is the freedom of not having to plan - being routine less!
But we LOVE the little one, and don’t mind giving up some of our goals, or belly dancing, or horses, or hiking, or non-planning (Dries). We will do whatever (don’t think it will be studies for me) again and we will plan less again!
The students used to have a saying when a student got pregnant: “She got her MA-degree.” I got mine at 41!
Photo: Mieka last night with her doll. (I tried my utmost to get a photo of the first three teeth, but it’s impossible. Smile)


  1. At almost 8 months Zander still has no teeth. Not ONE. The one that came out when he was 4 months dissappeared.
    It's so cute to see Mieka with a doll, so grown up already! She's a beaut!

  2. I'm an almost-40 something mom of 2 who also just discovered I'm pregnant. It's nerve wracking. I hear nothing but BAD about being pregnant at this age - and up until a week ago, I was excited about my 40th birthday. Trying to find some GOOD news about it and I appreciate your post!!!

  3. We do give up so much for our kids hey. But at the end of the day - it is all worth it, and I think we will get back what we put in to it. Funny - but the day will come where you can do stuff again!If you look at this photo quickly - it looks like she is sitting and there are mountains in the background - too cute!

  4. Hi Debbie Great news about the pregancy. I hope you embrace it very soon!
    I am so glad I had the little one after 40! :)


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