Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cellular miscommunication and relationship problems

I am not great in the verbal department. Hand me a telephone, and you get the shortest of grunts, and mostly a very brief encounter of matter-of-factness. I try my utmost to put on the smile and to recite the list: 1) identification; 2) place of work; and, 3) hello. But most of the time it is stripped to a short “Karen!” (I am busy, thank you very much!)
I know – it is on my list of things to change for the New Year.
Add a cellular phone and the signal problems in Jozy, and the Hubby gets it even worse. He has given me numerous lectures on how not to do it. And he has called me back a good number of times, after I have put down the phone on him and he still wanted to talk to me.
In my previous life (BD – Before Dries) my telephone skills were once blamed as one of the reasons the guy was not that impressed. It says a lot about Dries, for sticking around! Thanks, Dries!
I can’t even blame the bubble brain, although it has been worse in the recent year. (Yeah, right, Karen! We’ll stick with that!) I don’t enjoy talking over a telephone, especially one that jumps around with signal strengths and losses…
Me: “Hello.”
Dries: “Hello.”
Me: “What’s up?”
Dries: crackles… “plans…” sshhhhhhh…
Me: “I can’t hear you?”
Dries: “Sh&t!”
Me: “Talk to you later.” (In the hope that he will hear it)
Put phone down.
Our conversations boil down to this, most of the time…
I blame the cell phone companies.
I am sure there are many relationship problems because of the bad network coverage? Is there anyone else who can relate? Horrors if it is only us experiencing these problems…


  1. I can so relate to what you are saying! I also hate a phone, any phone, and I hate when someone calls me without a good reason, eg. work, death etc. I do not do the chit chat thing. I have lost numerous cell phones due to network problems (or maybe rather my impatience with it), because I've thrown it to pieces against the wall, also causing relationship problems! Let's hope Zander didn't inherit my temper and impatience lol

  2. I can call my friend Sammy and talk for hours on the phone, once in a while. Otherwise I am also not the phone addict. I am so amazed at people having loud conversations on the train and tube all the way to Waterloo..... We all have to be subjected to listening to their ramblings!!
    After been working in HR for 18 years and answering the phone 100's of times each day listening to people's problems, requests etc, it's not my favourite way of communicating. I love Anton phoning me though and I can hear in his tone of voice what day he is having! We have 2 minute phone conversations once or twice a day for the past 20 years and I am always glad to receive his call.


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