Friday, 27 November 2009

Older mom and pains

Being an older mother (over 40) makes you aware of muscles and bones. I have a back and I have shoulders. I did not know it is used as much until they started with their complaints. Ouch!
I am constantly putting out my back while picking up the baby. Mieka weighs 8.5 kilos. That’s 17 bricks of butter to carry around. (Luckily she is a much easier and cuter package to pick up. Smile!) At the start of this week I had a sore shoulder, also I presume for picking up the baby.
I have a routine at night with Mieka. After her bath time we “read” a story, and then I lie next to her on the bed while breast feeding. It sometimes takes me more than an hour to stagger out of the room, and after that it also feels as if my body has taken a knock. My back and my shoulders go all skew for lying with her in my arms. It is the same when I sometimes bring her to our bed at night when she wakes up. (Mmm…. Most of the nights!) Yes, that’s another reason for doing sleep training, but I feel too tired to try it anytime soon… Mieka was sick, and that compounded on her being more in the arms, and off course, less sleeping. Yawn!
The not sleeping has piled up a huge sleep debt in my life. Will we ever be able to work off the sleep debt? That also has a negative effect on the body. It feels like my body has wilted from having the baby… The red eyes in the mirror are perfect for Zombie VIII!
I can’t remember that my body got so many punches 15 years back when I had my first child. I remember being bouncy and don’t remember the aches and pains. Maybe it is Time that wipes out the bad memories?
Please tell me that it is not only us older moms who take the punches?


  1. It is not just older moms, that I can assure you!
    I was shocked now when I saw that Mieka weighs 8.5 Kg! Zander weighs 9.25 and he's 3 months younger than Mieka. I have no idea what he's supposed to weigh. Are we over feeding him?

  2. Don't be worried! Mieka is a shorty for her age. :-)

  3. Your def not the only mom and I'm sure its because of time that you cant remember the aches and pains from your first child.

    Raiden prob weighs about 10kgs now (so dont stress about Zander's weight), he's a tall baby so it adds to the weight :)

    I look the worst I ever have since having Raiden due to lack of sleep. He hasn't slept threw the night once...its been tuff.

    I'm hoping by the time he turns 1 things will get better (sleep wise) then my body will get a chance to recover :)

  4. Yes, I believe sleep will do the trick!!! :-)

  5. Hi also an older mom doing it again after 15 years and it is definately the age dont remember having the aches and pains when i had my boys in my 20s


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