Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Naughty baby

I am still on the subject of punishing babies for naughty behaviour. Babies vs. punish vs. naughty behaviour are not supposed to be mentioned in the same context. Am I wrong? I hate it when somebody asks me: “Is the baby good?” What is that? When do you know that your baby is not good? When they cry? When they do not sleep through the night? When they complain? How else are they going to communicate with us if they can’t voice a concern? But I think that is the main reason why somebody could think that a baby needs discipline. I am talking about the person at Mieka’s day care who gave a baby a hiding. She got herself fired for doing that!
Are we still such a violent society, globally, that we think by punishing somebody with violence, we are teaching them to not behave violently? We are truly warped in our thinking. Religion contributes even more, because there is a punishing God who wants us to behave Or else… eternal punishment with a hell-fire! Does it give us a license to start hitting babies from very young? It seems like it! Very strange…
Mieka is a GOOD baby, thank you very much! I can’t imagine a time when I will classify her as being hit-ready. Maybe it is because I am an older mom, but I will definitely do my discipline differently than when I was younger. What do you think about disciplining babies?


  1. I feel there should be discipline. A child should not be punished for being a child (doing things children do), but a child has to learn that there are consequences to behaviour and wrong decisions. I will slap my baby's hand and say "NO" when he wants to take something that might hurt him, or something he has to learn he's not allowed to take/touch. The slap won't hurt though; it will only be a way to let him realize that he's not allowed to do something. My baby is at the age where he is beginning to test our authority, and I actually find it very cute and funny. I don't want him to become a spoiled brat whom no one will like, so he will get punished, but only when he does something he already knows is not allowed. I think the woman who was fired didn't want to punish anyone, but did it out of frustration. I think she didn't have any self-control, which is a pity as now she lost her job and her dignity and probably did some damage to some child's personality.

  2. I am trying to think how often I smacked my kids. I think MArinda got smacked when she was little, but as I got more kids I got more chilled! I think I can count smacks on 1 hand. BUT I do believe there should be consequences for bad behaviour (for older kids of course). I am just trying to figure this one out for Arno - whose room is always untidy, and whom I Struggle to get to study. So - what do I do with that? Being a parent is bl..y difficult me thinks. But - I think our kids are GOOD - yours and mine. We are very lucky!


  4. I can just say, one can see the difference of children brought up without any love and discipline in the UK and Europe! South African children are well behaved with manners and respect for older people.

    Children test boundaries and the parent should set these boundaries.

    Not having children I can't give any advise. I just know from many friends kids, that those that are brought up in houses with boundaries, discipline and love are much happier and loving children and a pleasure to be with.

    I am glad for all the hidings I got from my parents and in school!

    Think to tell a baby "yes" or "no" with the right tone of voice is enough.... You will know when they test their boundaries!

  5. Thank you for all the good advice. I am very CHILLED with regards to discipline, but we'll see when push comes to shove... LOL


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