Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Stuff you would think that should not be around by age 3

Don’t we all smile to ourselves when we realize that our preconceived ideas about time-spans and our children does not comply with the books?

And why should it?

Things I thought that would not be around by age three:

-    Breastfeeding. I wished to get past the first six weeks, and here I am at nearly three...
I still wish to continue, but it seems that it is sadly going to come to an end because of the cholesterol issue. (I feel very sad about this! How am I going to tell the face it is finished?)

-    The bottle is also a firm favourite when she wants her Nido milk. We have about one working bottle left at his stage.

-    The donut. For playing, sleeping, eating, drinking, watching television and doing acrobatics... It gets used for everything. (One of the must-have items when buying for baby!)

-    The potty – it only go dumped two weeks back, but we still use it as a stepping stool for the toilet and for washing hands.

What have you used for much longer?

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  1. Our twin pram! With the princess we were done with prams by about age 2 - with the boys, we still use it. Just so much easier to control two toddlers.

    Oh yes, and that potty we just threw away - loooong overdue.


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