Monday, 17 January 2011

Weekend Three update

Week Two has been done and dusted. It feels like it has never been Holidays at all!

The Toddler had her first class of the year at Tiny Tumbles. She has been missing it, because she was trying to do head stands and tumbles at home...

A toddler friend celebrated his two year old birthday, and Mieka got very excited about giving his present to him. I love to see how she is able to get excited about other people, and not only focus on self most of the time...

I attended a Stork Party today. Yes, I know! One of my pet hates! But it was for a dear friend, and I was very glad I went to it! It was nice to see my friend again! I took the Toddler with, and we could excuse ourselves when the tantrums got a bit much... (The tactic works very well! *Evil wink*)

Have yourselves a lovely week!


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