Thursday, 6 January 2011

How to survive the Terrible Tantrum

There’s a reason they call it the Terrible Two’s. I thought we’ve seen the worst, and we were handling it well. Not so! Missy Toddler turned Two, and with it came THE TANTRUM!

The ritual of THE TANTRUM:
  1. The stomping feet, which increases the more she gets upset!
  2. The unhappy forced wail!
  3. The high high piercing pitching shriek which follows the wail!
  4. She throws her body on the floor and/or crawls around on all fours!  (It is impossible to pick her up, because she just slithers through your arms.)
  5. It lasts for a couple of more minutes.
  • Ignore, and walk away. (There is nothing that douses a full-blown tantrum quicker than when there is nobody to appreciate it.)
  • When you can’t walk away, drag her (if possibly), to a safe place to continue there with the tantrum. (It has the same effect as the previous point)
  • Make a mental note of how funny it looks (although you don’t always see the funny at that moment), and think of how you are going to tell them about it when they are bigger! (Evil smile)(That video is also going to make a huge manipulation tool...)
  • Try the distraction technique. Do not spend as much time on this technique. It does not work as well like when she was younger...
  • Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea/WINE!
  • Say to yourself: “This too will pass!”
  • Chant to yourself, repeatedly “This too will pass!”
  • When in a public place: 
            Put on your best calmest smile!
            Zone out!             Look people in the eye (Give them the “It’s her, not me!”-look)
            Act genuinely surprised at the people frowning at you!

How do you handle the Terrible T?

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  1. Oh the terrible two's. Then when they turn three the backtalking starts!

  2. Its actually downhill from here :-p

    Kiara used to have the worst tantrums EVER! Last a year!

    She still tries her luck now and then but fortunately just has to look at us to know its best to stand up and go away :-p


  3. The Princess was a huge tantrum thrower - then the hubby, now famously,threw himself on the ground next to her and mimicked every move and sound.It was her vary last tantrum.

  4. No advice ...nothing I did worked and my 17 yr has worst tanty's than the 4 yr olds.
    I think you are doing just fine LOL (NOT when it's happening).

  5. What a delightful post. Our grandson, Lukas stayed with us for 5 days recently and had a tantrum once. I fell down next to him and started stomping my feet and wailing. He started laughing and it was all over. I must add...I also started was so funny.


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