Thursday, 13 January 2011

Morning's first photo at day care #8 - Toddler fending for self already

The toddler with her own sports bottle that she now has to keep at the day care. It is the end of the baby bottles! (I know, I know! She should have been off them long ago... But we still give them to her at home! Guilty!)
I can only send one milk bottle on a day with her bag, and yesterday they did not even use it.

She also now has to eat with the bigger children in the hall. They have to eat all by themselves!

My poor Baby Toddler! She has to fend for self! She looks so small when walking on her own in the play ground! They have to grow up so very quickly when we, working mothers, have to leave them! Maybe it is a good thing! Yes, it's a good thing! (Powerwoman says it definitely is a good thing!)

And then I read MamaPoekie's post at Authentic Parenting about The paradox of individualism, and I totally agree with her. We push our children away from us as soon as possible, giving them bottles, sleeping in their own rooms as soon as possible... Having to fend for self at day care instititutions! The Guilt!

Sometimes, I wish I could have kept her for longer in my arms...


  1. Ouch. It's such a tough thing, this early daycare days business. Don't feel guilty - there are many different ways to be close to our children. x

  2. My two year old grandson cried to go back to school in the new year...he wants to play with his friends. They more often than not, need the stimulation that comes with interacting with other little ones their own age.

  3. Kiara still has a sports bottle - she is nearly 7. She ONLY has it at night at home for her last cup of tea.

    I bugs no one so I dont see the issue!!!!


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