Tuesday, 18 January 2011

5 Methods to slay Dust Bunnies

The working mom does not have lots of free time to give her undivided attention to the dust bunnies growing under the coaches and corners. The working mom also wants to prioritize her time at home into spending more time with the family.

During the holidays I saw some dust bunnies lurking around... The first time I became aware of them was when I was at varsity. We were supposed to clean our own rooms in the dormitories... Guess there was also much more pressing matters then that occupied our time!

There are 5 ways to slay the dust bunnies (short of actually cleaning):
  • IGNORE! One of my best tactics with regards household chores! I can definitely recommend it!
  • HIDE! A throw, for example, over the coach/bed helps to hide the dust bunnies underneath.
  • CANDLES! When you get visitors, dim most of the lights and place a few candles. (You also save on electricity.)
  • PICK UP THE LARGE DUST BUNNIES AND THROW THEM IN THE DUSTBIN. When they have grown large enough, it is easy to pick up when you pass a corner and they come scurrying out.
  • TODDLER CRAWL- GAME.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I will definitely instigate the game next time when I see a dust bunny peering from somewhere.  Make sure the toddler is covered in old/long-sleeve clothes! Ask her to retrieve a ball / doll / sweet (if the previous two options do not work) while crawling on all fours.
Do you have any good ways of slaying the dust bunnies?
A lazy working mom like me needs a number of options to fall back on when perfecting her Domestic Goddess status!

(Graphic: Microsoft clip art: bunny)


  1. LOL I am so grateful for Selena - she gets them :)

  2. Luckily I have my Violet as well
    I am talking about the holidays when they are not around... (One of the reasons I complained about staying at home. You see the dust bunnies everywhere, and the whole time!)
    Oh, I've got another tactic to list: Don't stay at home. Rather go to the Mall!


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