Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Teen is starting her last year in school - Grade 12

The Teen with a friend in class - send via her cell
The Teen is in Grade 12! Matric! How did that happen? How did the years pass so quickly? I took her to Grade 1 just the other day! I can still remember her excitement of going to school... And the new clothes and suitcase...

There was some of the same excitement today... She is wearing her new red jersey today which is an indication that they are the senior people this year in school. The Matriculant!

She is very excited, but also a bit nervous about what she thinks is going to be a very difficult year! Read her post about The year has gone swoooosh! last year.

May you have a very exciting, wonderful, and richly fulfilling year at school this year, my Girl! May you get all the marks that you deserve for your hard work! I know you are going to do well! Because you plan to work hard as well! (And you have shown that previous years! I don't even have to worry.)

I love you!


  1. Have a wonderful and fabulous adventurous Grade 12 year and make memories and friends to last a lifetime!!

    Just know it will be a super year for you and that your hard work, loyalty and dedication will pay off in seven fold. Be blessed in 2011!

    Love you too! xxxxxxx

  2. You have a daughter to be proud of. I am sure she is going to have a stunning year.

  3. I still remember my matric year, like it was just 2 years ago....kinda sad that it's MANY years ago!
    I hope she has a GREAT year

  4. Melany, I had to smile! It is kinda sad that it is so long ago. And the older they get, the older we are... Ouch!


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