Tuesday, 18 January 2011

10 Things I love about you

Yesterday morning at day care - you showed me your class.
Waiting for us yesterday afternoon at the day care...

Tanya Kovarski at Dear Max did a post to her little one about the ten things she loves about him. It is a lovely idea, and I think we can do it more often. Because they get cuter and more lovable by the minute!
(Sic. Yes, they do!)

10 things I love about you, Mieka:
  • Your face that lits up when you see us! That is immeasurably precious every time we pick you up from day care, or any other place...
  • The cute Mieka personality that is developing: A real girl who loves playing with dolls, but also really enjoys drawing and painting and reading. A Lot!
  • I love your excitement about little things, such as smelling flowers, or looking at insects. We see the World again in a fresh new light through your eyes.
  • Waking up with you in the mornings, when you say “Hello, Pappa! Hello, Mamma!” It doesn’t matter that we wanted to sleep a bit more when we hear the little voice...
  • Your kisses! You smother us with kisses, and wrap your arms around us. Sometimes for no apparent reason!
  • I love dressing you in pink girly dresses, and you love looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • I love it when you earnestly try to tell us something, and the face and the hands looks at us with so much expectancy... ( “Do you understand me, Mama?”)
  • I love how you can nestle a bit closer to us when we tell you a story, or you lay your head on our chests when reading a book.
  • I love your language skills developing, and how you put together words! (I must remind myself to write it down, because we are going to forget!)
  • I love the fact that you think we are great! We think you are fabulous as well!
There's lots more! I will tell you more often about the things I love most about you!


  1. Too cute and adorable! Think there will be hundreds of reasons........ A little person that change a family's life. A miracle!

  2. Ahhhh... that is a super cute and wonderful list! Love it.


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