Friday, 28 January 2011

First homework

I got my first homework for the Toddler last night.

I had to search for pictures of families. I was paging through magazines with a scissor at half past nine. Wishing I was in a hot bath or bed already!  It was one of those nights when the Toddler did not want me to leave, waking up each time I wanted to get up next to her on her bed...

I even wrote a message to the Teacher: “Pictures of any family, or pictures of us?”

Homework starts very early this time around... 
When is homework for Mom supposed to start? Did I miss the notice?

(Photo: Mieka fell on the paving at day care yesterday)


  1. HI - wow - we only had to bring in a photo.
    Ps I was a mum again at 40 - 7 days, now they are 4 yrs and have a 17 yr too's a good mix teens & tots.

  2. Gosh yes, we only had to bring a pic of our family - much easier.

    BTW - go have a look what the school did for Family week on my blog.

  3. She is so cute! :)

    You know when my children started school I remember being shocked by how much homework they got in kindergarten, which also meant more work for me.

    Showcase Sisters

  4. Too cute! Thanks for playing along with us at Showcase Sisters! We hope you have a great weekend!


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