Monday, 3 January 2011

Chunky Bling ring

I got a Chunky Bling ring! How cool is that?! And it looks even nicer on my own finger!

The sales pitch (which of course worked on me):
The new line of Swarovski pearl rings!  These hand-crafted rings are made of silver plated beads, rhinestones and genuine Swarovski pearls.  They are strung on durable stretch cord, so the sizing is flexible, and the rings are comfortable.
It is a Swarovski Pearl-Bordeaux costume jewellery ring bling. I love love love bling.

It s the very first thing I got through this blog! Except for meeting all you wonderful people (Of course)! 
That’s what the Chunky Bling banner is doing there in the left hand corner. They have an affiliate program which I signed up for.

Now that I know how easy and fast I got my bling, I will definitely order another bling. The main headache will be to choose the prettiest item. Choices... choices...

Yes, I have sold out! (Tongue-in-cheek!) For BLING! (How can you say no to that?)

What do you think of my bling?


I love to hear your comments :D