Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 – Here we come!

I feel in my bones that this is going to be a good year! We are going to make a few changes, and we are going to have lots of fun!

I saw a Twitter update of somebody (can’t remember who) saying that they do not believe people who say that they are always happy, and that everything always run smoothly! Of course, it’s not possible, and stuff sometimes does happen! But it is our own perception of things and our own decision of how to interpret life that makes us happy or not! I believe people who say that they are happy and that things are going well!

I have decided to be happy, and I will make changes to things that change my state of happiness. (I have done it before, such as making a change in my marital status: getting divorced, being single, and getting married again! *Winky smile*)

The toddler is a big girl now. I started making two ponies (see photo), and she doesn’t look like a baby anymore!  Hello, big girl! She is getting more independent by the day... It is entirely possible to start making changes in our lives, again. We can’t blame our little one for bad habits anymore... (Such as not sleeping, and eating junk because we are tired!)

CHANGES in 2011:
  • Health wise – we need to start eating healthily again. (I can’t keep on faking health! It doesn’t work! Unfortunately - *wry smile*))
  • EXERCISE! From today!  (Enough said. It is time for ACTION!)
  • Mind – I am going to find something to study again. I am going to study something to do with social media and Web 3.0.
FUN IN 2011:
  • We are going on regular holidays. Every quarter, at least!
  • We are going on monthly weekend getaways.
  • We are going to plan and spend time on family outings.
  • I am going on more dates with Hubby! (Hint!)
  • I am going to read more books! The stack next to my bed is LARGE!
  • Exercise will be part of the fun! I used to enjoy going to the gym.
Hello 2011! You are going to be GREAT!  

I hope your year will be just as great!

What are your plans for 2011?


  1. Wishing you all the best for 2011 and your changes.

    We have a few changes coming our way.....
    AJ is going from 2 to 4 mornings a week at playschool

    C is taking her GCSEs

    I have decided I need to get fitter as I no longer go for long walks with AJ in the mornings as he is at am going to try and get my fitness levels up on the WII. Cheaper than the gym.


  2. I'm thinking those regular getaways and holidays sound pretty good. With all the kids activities and money tight, we can't always do it, but I have already planned a trip to see my sister in Northern California in mid-January. If we do something once a month--or every 2 months, I'll feel pretty good about it.

    Toddler is lookin' super cute with the 2 ponies!

  3. Love the ponytails! The New Year's resolutions are fab.

  4. In so many instances being truly happy is a choice. I wish you a wonderful, happy year and that you will keep to your goals.



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