Friday, 14 January 2011

My Word of the Year: Energy

Lynette at Creative Moments has come up with her word for the year: Breathe! I love the idea of a word chosen for a specific year. It is like a mantra you can resort to every time things start to feel overwhelming! Thanks, Lynette, I am borrowing it as well! (I hope I am allowed?)

I have been walking around, thinking racking my brains about my word. I went back to my post about my New Year’s resolutions: 2011 – Here we come! Fun and a healthy lifestyle springs to the fore!  I can come back to me again! Does that sentence make sense? I have been focusing on the baby/toddler now for about three years. The pregnancy, and then Ta-Da!: 24/7 Mieka!

We won’t give her less attention or love, but she is beginning to become her own little person. And sometimes she is keeps busy all on her own! Last night she “watered” plants in the garden for longer than half an hour. Give her pen and paper, and it is a sure 15 minutes (at least) where the toddler keeps busy! *sigh of relief!*

I want to do things for myself again, and I want to exercise. The words Vitality & Motion and Move-ment come to mind. Motion is Energy and Energy is Life. Life is Source (God). Source going right back/forward to the endless ebb and flow of Life itself. Energy in Motion!

Energy is not a calming word, but the mere mention of it gives me a kick of the much-needed Life I need this year. I want to be good to myself, and I want to MOVE! Literally and figuratively!

Energy! Works for me!

What is your word?


  1. Flip, and I have no energy what soever!

  2. Surrender....when all else fails just surrender and let it go..that's mine. I am your newest follower ;-).
    Follow back if you have the energy (sorry couldn't resist lol)

  3. I love your word...and your post about what springs to mind. I also believe that if your source is the Lord...Who is the energy and life source for all of us...there is nothing you will not be able to do.


  4. Hi,

    I'm over from supermom hop and I'm your newest follower. I can relate to your fatigue as a mother to the young and active, I have an energetic one and a teenager, and I'm 48 this year, whewie!

    my new blog is -

  5. Hi! I am your newest follower! Greatly appreciate the follow back. Happy Friday!
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