Friday, 21 January 2011

Worth more dead than alive

We usually joke and say that we are worth more dead than alive. But it is not true!
Hubby is far more valuable to me, even if we count it down to Rands and cents...

The previous week I was reminded again of the painful loss of a partner when Lori at Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom lost her husband. Read Speak, her eulogy to her husband at his funeral. Haunting stuff!

Reasons why Hubby is worth more alive than dead:
  • Although I complain about the snoring (wink smile), I cannot imagine not sleeping next to him each night. He makes me feel safe and secure. The rest of the family feel out of zinc when he is not around, especially at night! (“Where’s the Daddy?” gets heard quite often when he’s not around.)
  • He works! Every day! (Major deal breaker!)
  • He prepares breakfast, and lunches, and dinner! It is quality food as well! (I am soooo lucky, I know!)
  • Hubby is a handyman as well! He fixes things; and it looks as good as the original. He also cleans up after he has done a DIY job!
  • He is a great friend to have around! Make any suggestion of an outing or “adventure” and he is there!  And he enjoys it as well!
  • Hubby is a great father! He changes nappies, makes bottles in the middle of the night and he drives the teenager around!
  • Hubby goes camping and hiking with me. We are planning our next hike in the Drakensberg Mountains for this year.
  • He drinks and enjoys red wine with me!
  • He loves going out for breakfasts with us (my favourite pastime).
  • He makes time for us, and usually makes sure that he is at home when we are home.  He sometimes says no to after-work drinks with the guys...
  • He gives me space to be me, and to do what I want to do!
Definitely, he is not worth more dead than alive! I am “rich” because of him in our lives! Corny! Sorry!

Lori, I am “sorry” that we get to go back to our lives with our partners and that we have mundane stuff to worry about! “Sorry” is the only word that works here!

You made me acutely aware again: I am grateful that we have the small stuff to worry about! AND we have each other!

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  1. You've got a good man there!
    You'll have to keep him!

    (Ps. Just discovered your blog...I'm pregnant at 42 again..;)

  2. Oh my word yes, I can not imagine loosing mine. And then I remember that I was only 7 when I lost my dad and our Princess is now 6.

  3. Well said. It's nice to let our husbands know how much we appreciate them. I'm sure he's touched.

  4. Great post Karen...and so many reasons why we cannot live without them.


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