Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chainsaw in the bedroom

I am a very good sleeper. I love sleeping, and have never struggled going to sleep. There is nothing that is more satisfying than SLEEP!

That is, until I got pregnant again, and since then I was more awake than I wanted. First with the uncomfortable pregnant belly, and then the baby and the nightly sleep deprivations...

I became aware of something else as well. Something which did not bother me at all before... There is a Chainsaw in the bedroom. It is real and it is very very LOUD! It makes sleeping very difficult! To drift away in that wonderful magical world of SLEEP... Very difficult!

I am lucky that as soon as I break into the threshold of sleep, I am away for the night.

To get there is the problem.

Ways I try to deal with the Chainsaw:
  • Nudge or poke or stroke of the offending noise maker.
  • Trying to straighten the cushion for another sleep position.
  • Putting the cushion over my own ears.
  • I have on occasion gone to sleep in the Toddler’s room. (It seems the Chainsaw does not bother her at all when she lies next to it!)
  • When trying to verbalize the problem, I only get back that I have my own Chainsaw melodies... “sigh”
  • On occasion I have tried to record it, and strangely it has worked very well. The offender wakes up, or the sounds are not that loud anymore...
The Toddler is growing up, and our broken sleep is getting less and less. With that of course the impact of the Chainsaw will grow less and less. There is real hope here! (Smile)

Until then, what other remedies do you suggest for dealing with snoring?


  1. At the moment I am too tired to be bothered by the ever present chainsaw in our room, but I used to find that I need to fall asleep before he does.

  2. Luckily I have a spare bedroom to go to. Unless I'm feeling mean, and the meaner I feel the harder I poke. :-)

  3. You get wonderful squashy pink/yellow ear plugs...they work wonders I tell you;-D

  4. Just tell him there is Surgery for Snoring:
    The aim of palatal surgery is to reduce or stop the collapsibility of the oropharyngeal segment (area around the throat). This is usually done by reducing the amount of soft palate and/or removing the tonsils. Surgery is also undertaken to remove the chief vibratory tissue (the uvula).

    Hope it will frighten the man enough to STOP snoring immediately!! ;-)

  5. Honestly, have Chainsaw see an ENT. Mine had an issue that could be relieved by surgery. Very simple and effective.

    GFC following and on


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