Sunday, 19 December 2010

Nearly two

Our little toddler turns two in two days time! Unbelievable!

When birthdays come around, it makes you think of the time around the birth, and how excited we were to meet her! It was a very difficult time, mostly because of the sleep deprivation, but it was one of those truly awe inspiring live-changing events of our lives. I feel the same about the birth of the teen as well!
I will be writing Mieka’s birth story very soon. It needs to be written before we forget about it...

The toddler at two years of age:

  • She uses two to three word sentences. She repeats everything we say to her.
  • She loves loves playing with dolls. She spends the most of her time dressing (more undressing) the dolls, and wrapping them and cuddling them.
  • She climbs the stairs all by herself. We usually try to follow right behind her, but today she climbed them on her own. We got a big fright when we realised she went up to her big sister! Scary! But “tick” – She climbs the stairs!
  • She “makes coffee” for us with her stacking cups and stirs it with a hammer. (The tea set for her birthday is going to be a big hit!)
  • I have said before that I think the toddler is the cutest ever now at two! She wraps our faces in her hands, and gives us big kisses, and rolls her face over our faces! That is the most love –inspiring act that makes us want to eat her up as well!
  • Luckily it seems that the toddler is not a morning person.  She stays sleeping with us until eight over weekends or when we can.  (The next two weeks of holidays are definitely going to be bliss.) As long as she gets her “booby” she is fine!
  • Breastfeeding until she is two years of age. I have these goals when to stop breastfeeding, but it seems that BF just works better and better for us! I am just as surprised as everybody else that I am still breastfeeding the toddler. (Big smile!)
Code Name Mama asked last week on Twitter for one reason why we love being a parent, and I replied that I love seeing the new personality develops!  At two the personality is really starting to show! It definitely is an adventure!


  1. So sweet! Just two weeks ago my baby turned 20, and I still think back to the day she was born.

  2. They grow up far to quickly don't they?


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