Friday, 10 December 2010

The toddler blames the teen

I don’t know where she learns it, but as small as she is, she blames her sister, the Teen! For E-V-E-R-Y thing!

We hear:
“Nee, sussie, nee”! (No, sister, no!)
“Sussie”! (Sister!), or “Arnia!” – In a voice indicating guilt.

And then the teen is totally innocent!
She is not even near the indignant toddler.

We can’t help but laugh when this happens. I can just imagine how this type of behaviour must go on between siblings who are closer together in years...

Where on earth do they learn this? Where do they learn to play the innocent party?
 “It’s not me!  It’s her!”


  1. LOL! Nature is to blameshift...I just did not realise it starts at such a young age.

  2. Love the new header, but don't like the grouper advert sitting on top of the comment link! :) Anyway, that is so cute. My kids will do that with each other sometimes, but fortunately they have not started flat out lying yet!

  3. I have no idea where they learn it, but don't feel too bad. I've got it coming on all ends of the spectrum with a 15, 13, 7 and 1-1/2 year olds. Everyone's blaming everyone. It's complete chaos. Wanna trade? lol


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