Monday, 13 December 2010

Three days left – we can do this!

Mieka playing with the dog's bed this afternoon, and Benji, the new addition to our family
The holidays are three days away. We can smell it already!

I had my “shopping day” today. Once a year we get an extra shopping day, instead of our normal afternoon off a month. It is a huge bonus, and we plan long before the time on how to spend it.

We had some rainy weather the past couple of days which has been a huge relief. How I wished this morning that we did not make any plans... But the teen had me booked for a manicure at eight o’clock - a Christmas present from her. Guess what? We were on our way, and the friend (whom she wanted to support) cancelled on us! We could have spent a bit lot longer in bed!

We went to the shops and tried to do some Christmas shopping. It is very difficult with a busy toddler. It is not getting easier. No, she is getting busier, and we have to keep a constant watch! I have a renewed respect for ALL mothers who get their shopping done with toddlers in tow.

We could show some shopping bags at the end of our shopping excursion. Which I am very proud off! It feels like an accomplishment of sorts! (Huge smile!)

I also had an afternoon nap on this Monday afternoon with the toddler. It was one of the best afternoons in a very long time! Sleep is not overrated here! No, it is more precious than gold! And I could spend some time with the toddler. She is extremely cute nowadays. I think this is the cutest time in a child’s life!

When do you think are they their cutest?

Only Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that lay ahead. Thursday is a public holiday here this week! Then HOLIDAYS and time with the family and toddler!

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  1. I hear you on the shopping with a busy toddler.
    Poor AJ had to stay in the buggy for a while whilst I was Christmas shopping on Friday.
    Not sure if I handled it differently when I was younger with toddlers or if I am just not as alert and fast with AJ in my 40's, but just could not cope with him running in a busy shopping centre and balancing an overloaded buggy.

    I am thinking AJ is cutest at just over 3. He has a mind of his own and is not afraid to use it! lol


  2. Every person I know will tell me "They are so cute......until they turn 11!" So, I'm not looking forward to that.

  3. There is only one thing worse than shopping at this time of the year and that is taking a baby with you:-) You have a lot of guts.


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