Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Holidays at home does not feel like holiday

Next year I do not want to be here over the Christmas season:
  • It does not feel like holidays when you stay in your own home.
  • Looking at all the odd jobs that needs to get done does not make it feel like holidays.
  • I would definitely not need to iron while on holidays.
  • I’m sure the toddler wouldn’t have gotten sick when we were on holiday! (We had a quick visit to the doctor’s this afternoon...)
  • Rushing around for last-minute Christmas shopping is not fun while still at home.
  • I would not have spent two hours in the bank while on holiday.   
  • I would have been able to get some afternoon naps worked into the schedule while on holiday.
Yes, I am complaining!
Who else finds this time of the year a bit depressing and stressful?

Another new year’s resolution for next year: We are going away for the Christmas holiday in 2011! Some sea and sand will really do the trick... (Hint! HINT!)


  1. My kids are already asking to go to New York next Christmas. I think they want snow. We never get snow in CA. I suppose you don't in the southern hemisphere either. hahaha

  2. Love the cool shades! We like to stay home for Christmas but then head out after that for New Years. This year we are not going anywhere since we are planning to visit the family in S.A. in March and save some money towards that.

  3. I hear you but I am loving being able to do what we want when we want.

    Even the odd jobs about the house!


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