Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Two Years Old

The Toddler is two years old today, and a little doll is always in her hand
She knew what to do with candles!

Playing with her tin tea set she got on her birthday

Playing on the jumping castle at Tres Joli

She loves the swings at Tres Jolie
Happy birthday, Mieka! It has been a great adventure for two years now!


  1. Congratulations! Happy Birthday little one. She looks just like you and your daughter.

  2. The cutest two year old! ;-)
    I can just see she enjoyed her birthday and gifts and having her grandparents and family with her. Mieka may you be blessed out of your boots and socks!

  3. Well congratulations and happy birthday, Toddler. She sure is cute. It's so fun to see what little ones love to do at each age. When she grows, she'll love looking at these photos.


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