Friday, 17 December 2010

Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve - first bee sting

This afternoon we had the most glorious time at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve near Muldersdrift on the West Rand. The weather played along very nicely for Hubby's end-of-year function.

The toddler got her first bee sting. She handled it very bravely when the teen came running with her with the stinger still attached to her foot. She just got a little bit excited, as the rest of us, when a bee landed on her face as well. Luckily her Dad sorted that bee, and got rid of the stinger very quickly. She was happily occupied for about half an hour when I gave her Rescue Cream to put on the swollen bite area. (Nothing that gets the toddler in one-track mode than a little bit of cream...)
I have not been to this Nature Reserve for many years, but it is definitely a place well worth visiting more than once. Not only can you drive around and watch animals like rhinos and bucks, but there is also lots of fun stuff for the kids to do!

Mieka and Dad had a swim, which she enjoyed very much.
There is a baby animal center, as well as reptiles to look at.
We got there when the baby lions were being fed, which was a huge bonus. They usually close the area at 4pm, but they let us stay to watch.
The bird wanted a piece of that snake, but no luck! Really funny to watch!
There is a restaurant as well on the premises, and the children all got an ice-cream at the end of the function.
I can definitely recommend it as a place to take the kids! Mieka could not get enough of seeing the rhinos, the hippos, baby lions, as well as the snakes. I wish we had more time than just this afternoon!

The best of all; she fell asleep almost at her usual time, and not a peep from her since...


  1. Holidays are awesome! Only thing is i'm missing catching up with all my fave blogs and blogging myself! No laptop, no internet, makes Tasneem a sad blogger :(

  2. Sounds like a great family outing venue.

    SOrry to hear about the bee sting - i have been stung many atime and it isn't fun at all!

  3. Plekkie lyk goed. Met Paul se 1ste bysteek was dit hospitaal toe ... hy was alergies :( Gelukkig het kleinding die bysteek goed gehanteer :)


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