Thursday, 16 December 2010

Rain! on our public holiday

It’s been raining non-stop here since yesterday, and before that we had grizzly weather for longer than a week now. We love the rain, and welcome it! The earth needs it desperately!

But we go into complain mode when it seems that there is no end in sight. (We don’ know what we want, do we?)  I feel sorry for you in the Northern Hemisphere with the cold! Here we are used to long sunny days of sun during the December holidays and over Christmas!

We bought the toddler an umbrella yesterday, and she and Dad went out for a stroll in the rain this morning! It was a huge treat, and she did not want to come back in again... Love it when she enjoys something so much! She is taking an early morning nap now, which is a huge bonus! We are really chilling now...

Luckily it is a public holiday here today. One day less to worry about what to do with the toddler while working... And tomorrow is my last day. Whoohooo!

I love this time of the Year!
What are you doing with yourselves today?

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  1. up in germany we are having a snow storm which is fine as i have made the house ready for xmas, it is clean it smells like a bake factory mmmmm choc brownies yum yum and my little one is better and in creche today so all prezzies are wraped and funny enough i cant wait to spend xmas with him even thou i am alone in this cold cold country but thats life and my son will enjoy this xmas and all them more to come:0) enjoy your rain chill day..


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