Saturday, 11 September 2010

Jinxed weekend

Mieka at Tiny Tumbles this morning
I should not have scheduled Friday’s post, loaded with all the positive gratefulness for the weekend ahead. Because I jinxed it!

The day started late. Not unusual for us. We normally manage to get us out of the door at a manageable hour. As soon as I got in the car, I noticed that I forgot to comb my hair. Luckily I had that quick check in the mirror...

I had cereal in a bowl on my front seat in the car. As I started to drive, I realised it was a big mistake. Cereal and milk were spilling. I tried to eat some on the way to the day care, but Mieka spotted it. At day care I had to give her a few spoonfuls before she was satisfied.

My car’s petrol indicator came on during the drive and I had to stop for petrol. That translates into a definite late! The petrol attendant also told me that three of my car’s wheels were at a higher level than it should be... Worrisome! We trust those guys too easily. I have been trying to remember where I had filled my car the previous time, because it was not at the usual place. I will not go there again!

I missed out on my morning coffee with colleagues because I was late. I also noticed that my scheduled post at 7 am did not go up. Thanks Blogger! I had to post it manually, something which I try to avoid at the office.

The rest of the day was not that bad... A meeting was cancelled, and on a Friday it’s a bonus!

We had to go to our nearby Mall last night because I had to buy a stork party present. Not my favourite activity! I love buying and giving the clothes, but stork parties is not my thing! (Only for my best best friends. Maybe!)

Today was the stork party. It took up our whole Saturday, because it is a whole hour and half drive away. Luckily there was no funny stuff, and for once I was glad that I had to attend to the toddler the whole time. She got a whole lot of attention from me! Dries found Barista (coffee) Pinotage red wine at the nearby shop, and that helped a LOT!

Now there is a wonderful lazy Sunday to look forward to. Dries is planning a nice meal, and we can chill for the day!


  1. Oh those rushed mornings just don't work well for me! Messes up the entire day!

  2. Hopelik was jou Sondag baie rustig. Geniet jou dag!


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