Friday, 3 September 2010

Missing Dad

The Hubby was away for a day and a night! He was missed!

The toddler announced around every corner or sound: “Pappa!”

  • Going down the steps for breakfast (she is used to seeing him busy making breakfast in the mornings).
  • Opening up the garage door.
  • The sound of cars driving past in the complex.
  • Undressing her for her bath, and she running to the bathroom.
  • Footsteps down the stairs.
  • The sound of a door opening.

She exclaims: “Pappa!”, and looks at u with enquiring eyes! Then we tell her he is working, and that he will be back. But we are not sure that she understands us...

We missed him too... It feels like everything is out of zinc when he is not here. Nobody to help with the toddler. Nobody to make us wonderful food. (He is by far the best chef in our valley!) Nobody to tell about our day. Nobody to share a glass of wine with. Or to watch our favourite tv show V together...

We missed you, Dries!

(And now he is going way for the weekend as well! Sad face here! )

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  1. Sweet photo. Enjoyed my visit here. I came via Java's blog hop.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I found your comment on my page.. I will be following u as well.. U are my first reader from S. Africa...:-)

  3. It's tough when the routine is interrupted. But kids adjust. You're doing great keeping her in tune as best you can until "Pappa" comes home!

  4. Visiting from Java's Follow Friday Over 40! This was a sweet posting. It's amazing how, as little as they are, they can miss someone so profoundly! Going to check out your other postings now!

  5. Can't wait to read all about you this evening - glass of wine in hand, better than magazines!
    Followed you from the hop!
    and I grew up in JHB SA!

  6. So sweet! Just shows what an impact daddies make in a girl's life;-D

  7. Hi there, I'm also visiting via Java's blog -hop. What a sweet pic of your hubby and little one.
    Enjoy your family reunion when hubby gets back.
    Cate :-)

  8. I hope the next reunion with Pappa will be good for your little one. But, she'll probably call him Mama for a long time after he's back until she remembers that he's back... Hope you have a nice weekend anyway.


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