Sunday, 5 September 2010

Letting go of the cute clothes (cute baby)

No. 3 shoes
I get very attached to my clothes and shoes. Dries had to force me to throw out a pair of really yucky shoes the other day. This weekend I cleaned out the toddler’s cupboard, and had to finally throw out the 6-12 months clothes, as well as her number 3 shoes.

She is still able to wear some of the 6-12 months clothes – she is such a shorty – but she is now into the 12-18 months clothes. (She is 20 months now.) I find it a bit of sad. 6-12 months means “baby”, and now she is a “BIG girl”! I also absolutely love the clothes and shoes! I could have continued to still dress her in the adorable clothes...
Winnie-the-Pooh play set - 6-12 months
Luckily there are so many cute clothes for them to wear! Look at this dress she wore today. It is summer here, and we love being in the sun!

Goodbye baby! Hello big girl! (Forgive me the nostalgia!)

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  1. Oh, I'm the same. Whenever we move on to the next phase I feel a little bit sad! But fortunately there are always a lot to look forward to!

    OH, I wish I have such a view from our front porch. I took the picture of the sailboats when we went out with our boat.

  2. I found it really difficult getting rid of baby clothing. Especially the really cute items.

  3. I find it hard to throw away my kids' clothes , too! I do throw away some from time to time, when they are really worn, but otherwise, I feel it is a pitty. Do you think my grand children will want to wear them :-))

    Here form Follow Friday!

  4. Your grandchildren would love to wear them. :D Wish you were near to me, Irene. I am still looking for someone to give the clothes to... Any suggestions?


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