Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Passport headaches

The passport for the teen for the French tour next year. It turns out to be a big headache.

A signature is needed by the dad for his permission for the children to get passports. We got the signature! He signed the form a while ago. Nowhere on the form or on the website does it states that the dad (both parents) needs to be present when going to Home Affairs.

The teen and I went to Home Affairs on Thursday. No, they said! The dad needs to come as well! Oh, brother! The teen is seventeen, and by July next year she won’t have to ask him anything. But the French tour is in April already.

Now, the big question. Should the teen engage with him although she knows he is going to use it as big time leverage? Should she just plain ask him, but no further contact? He could say NO! A “normal dad” would have had no problem with stuff like this. But then, a “normal dad” would still have been in her life…

My divorce settlement states that I have “control and custody”, but unfortunately to them there should have been a word in there of “sole” or “only”. It is the first time that this seems to be a “problem”. Up until now I have made all the decisions with regards the teen.

I do understand the rules with regards passports, but I think there should be some special circumstances that need to be considered. We do not want to give up on her hopes...

(Photo: Arnia at Cedar Lodge in Krugersdorp over the weekend)


  1. Call Don't Q, they have done my kids passports without either parent being present at Home Affairs. I empathise on the Dad issue!

  2. Thank you very much, Carla! I will definitely check it out!

    (One of the reasons I keep on blogging: you, the virtual community, who always has advice or a sympathetic ear!) :D

  3. Oh, wow. I simply cannot believe that in this day and age - of broken and messy relationships - that such restrictions still apply. If you have been given sole custody, and have the papers to say so, then it should be sole in ALL official stuff. What if you had no contact with the father? What then? "No passport for you until next year!"

    Boggles the mind. I hope that Carla got you on the right track...

  4. We had our daughters passport done last year...there are rules stated on the forms - the only time that they accept 1 parental signature, is if the other parent is overseas or dead!! The rules are there for a reason, there are too many children that get taken out the country (kidnapped) by 1 parent & never see the other again! If the father was worth the 'title' - he wouldn't object to helping out his daughter on this!
    Good luck!

  5. I remember when Evangeline's dad and I met up at Home Affairs with the lady who was arranging to do the necessary stuff for her passport they had also told us that both mum and dad had to be present, but Henrik later commented that he might as well have been any random guy off the street, they didn't even bother to look at his ID, so perhaps just get a male friend to go along with you as a stand in.


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