Monday, 20 September 2010

Fundraiser – things we learnt

The things you do for your children… Phew! The D-Day for the Fundraiser for the French tour of the French class at school finally happened on Friday. It was nail-biting and worrisome because we (Yvonne, the children and me) were fretting about getting in enough money to pay for the venue and show. Super Troupers, at the Barnyard at Cresta Mall in Johannesburg. Not even about starting to begin raising money for that French tour…

But we made it, and could pay back our due money last Tuesday already. And we made some money extra for the girls as well. We have declared it a success! But never again! You hear!

From now on my head will shake “NO!” when confronted with any misguided attempt of responsibility towards the school.

The things you learn when trying to raise money:

  • There are lots of very nice people who really try to support you. Some people even gave us donations when they couldn’t make it on the evening.

  • It took a lot of organizing between two of us to keep the ball rolling. I think it could have become too complicated when other become involved as well.

  • The children help a lot with fundraising. Involve them!

  • It helps to organize a fundraiser around a show and venue. We only worried about getting the tickets sold.

  • Posters and flyers do not bring in the sales. It is your own network of friends that’s worth the most when trying to get a venue full.

  • There are mean people out there. We got constant competition from a teacher at the school who organized the same type of event with the same show. We announced a long time before him what and when we were planning to do our fundraiser. (Very strange!)

  • That same teacher made a lot of promises, but never followed through. (Why?)
We are very relieved, and very glad about the money raised. The children have a bit more in their banking accounts. It will be able to cover the visas, al least. Every bit helps!

Thanks to everybody who supported us!


  1. Somehow I always find myself involved too. Glad it was a success.

  2. Somehow I always find myself involved too. Glad it was a success.

  3. And to all those who promised to come and to bring friends- Shame on you! Next time get the money first. I had enough disappointments of this kind too......people letting you down and ten those who support you unexpectedly!

    Glad it was worth it in the end and that you had a fantastic evening too.

    Wish for all that hard work you could fly to Europe too!

  4. It was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed it! Thanks for your trouble, Karen!

  5. It always surprises me when someone get mad at me or acts mean when I'm trying to fulfill some volunteer activity. I mean, it's my time and effort--don't sabotage me, right? Glad you guys had a good time and it was successful.

  6. I do agree. The network of friends and family always get a venue full.


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