Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The toddler is 21 months

21 months on 21st September. The toddler is being more Ms Personality with every day passing. The teen exclaims a couple of times a day: “She is so funny!”

Some of the CUTE toddler things at 21 months:

Mieka knows how to say an indignant NO! When the dog bugs her, or takes her food. On the play ground with other children. She stands her own. This past Sunday we had to disengage her from boys much older than her. She was playing with some toys when two other boys wanted to come and take over. She was voicing her displeasure very loudly! Even though she was much smaller, she did not budge holding on. “No! Stout!” (naughty)

She has a strong sense of righteousness already. She gets very upset when it seems threatened. It happens quite a lot nowadays...

The toddler seems to be getting afraid of imagined things. She was staying at my parents’ house the other night. They have a sky light. Mieka was clinging to my mom every time they went past it. My mother tried to explain that they could see the stars through it... I see the same behaviour when we look at the stars when I try to get her to sleep. The shadows on the wall also get her very upset. I am not allowed to switch off the bed light when we go to sleep at night. She complains until it is switched on again.

The big bed has been a great sleep-saver! It seems all of us are getting more sleep. We start on our bed and carry her to her bed when we go to sleep later at night. When she wakes, I usually go to her bed and breastfeed her back to sleep. It works! (Yeah!)

Breastfeeding continues to be such a joy! She asks me for Boo-Boo! When she is nursing, she asks “Mamma?” which I think that she is trying to work out how it all fits together. The breasts are Mama’s. She usually points to my nose as well, and I have to confirm with a “Mamma!” After which she points to her nose, and I tell her “Mieka’s nose!”

She loves loves being outside. When the door opens up, she is there! Just this morning we struggled to get her back into the house when the teen gave food to the dog...

The toddler is a bundle of fun! We love you, little one!

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  1. It is wonderful that you can keep this journal and will always be able to go back to it.

  2. She sure is cute! I too have a child that is afraid of shadows on the wall in his room. How are you helping her deal with it? I just keep reassuring T1 that he's okay and safe because, no matter what, we're there.

  3. I try not to belittle her being scared, and try to deal with her fears as best I could. When she wants the bed light on, I switch it on. We also do not let her cry at night, but go to her or take her in bed with us.
    I hope that will make it easier on her.


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