Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wet wipes one of the essential items for baby/toddler

What did mothers ever do without wet wipes? I know, I know! The green thing to do is NOT to use wet wipes. We should rather use wet cotton cloths.

I am weak. Wet wipes are like white gold to me. Nearly as expensive and nearly as valuable to a lazy overworked mother. Wet wipes and a baby, now a toddler, go hand in hand. It’s good to clean the bums AND the mouth. We have wet wipes in her bag, in her room, and in the car.

Even our day care uses wet wipes for everything. Sigh of relief! Some day cares use one wet cloth to go through a whole bunch of dirty faces... The teen remembers how they used to wipe all the faces with a bowl of water and a cloth. Horrors! Why did it not bother me years ago?

The toddler agrees with me. She thinks a bag of wet wipes is one of the best toys ever! There is nothing as exhilarating as pulling out a wet wipe one by one. And then wiping your own feet, and the floor, and blow your nose in it, and cleaning Daddy’s face...

If not checked, you can find yourself being wiped by a snotty wet wipe...
The toddler LOVES wet wipes.

Wet wipes are one of those things I cannot go without. What is the essential thing you can’t go without with regards your baby or toddler?


  1. Just wanted to leave a quick 'thanks' for your blog and your posts. I just discovered it today, but I'm enjoying reading it, and I'll be back again soon.

  2. the banter as I leave the house goes,
    handbag - check,
    keys - check,
    baby wipes - check

    and didnt u find it satisfying to discover u couldnt do without baby wipes a 2nd time with the age gap?

    I think I have seen my friends, who also have teens, give me the eye of envy when we are out and they have are sticky or have a spill and I come to the rescue with my baby wipes!! :)




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