Friday, 17 September 2010

Ways to deal with the guilt of being a working mother

Powerwoman says enough is enough! Why do we have to feel guilty as working mothers when we have to leave our babies at someplace else when we go off to work? Some of us have a choice. Which is absolutely fine! Some of us don’t! Like me! I have to work to cover the finances...

I am compiling a silly (NOT!) list of ways dealing with working mother’s guilt:

  • Take out your payslip (note, not bank statement) and check the amount you get every month! Say to yourself this is what you are giving back to your family.
  • Buy your baby the expensive outfit when faced with choice.
  • When you are asked about your career say smugly that you are a working mom! Expand laboriously about all the skills and experience that you have built up. (Do not let on that you are secretly wishing to be a SAHM...)
  • Pour a glass of red wine at the end of a long working day! (You deserve it!)
  • Linger over a cup of coffee... Whenever! Especially when at work!
  • Spend some extra quality time with baby (toddler or child) when you arrive home. Do not immediately jump into house work, because the house is clean. (Supposed to, because nobody was at home to dirty it.)
  • Think of all the extra social skills your child are acquiring while at day care!
  • Pat yourself on the back! “Well done, working Mom!” Regularly!
  • Enjoy your own enjoyment when you see the look of delight on your baby’s face when you go to pick them up after a long day!
  • Cherish weekends with the baby! You are not feeling overwhelmed after a long week with children. You missed them during the week!
  • Marvel at the fact that you don’t get impatient with the little ones when they get whiney! You have built up lots of patience by being away from them every day!
  • You have a decent excuse when asked to do something at school! Use it!
  • You can go shopping during lunch-time without a toddler in tow!
  • You are able to meet a colleague/friend during lunch without having to drag the toddler with.
  • When Hubby complains about his working day, you are able to complain about your own working day as well! “Mine was the worst!”
  • You can expect Hubby to help out with ALL the housework! No sitting down with newspaper and beer /coffee for him after a long working day! No, Mister! (My Hubby does his fair share and more! Thanks, Dries!)
  • Pat yourself on the back! Again! “Well done, working Mom!”
It seems that this is a work in progress! Do you have any other suggestions? (It is a lot of fun!)

Working Moms rock! (Smug smiley face!)

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  1. Can I add to the list :)
    I am a SAHM at mo but was a working mum for 7 years inbetween the eldest two starting school and having the youngest.
    I remember the things I miss bout being a working mum and when little one is at school will be a little glad to be a working mum again.

    * being able to keep a conversation going and not stopping it dead cos the only exciting thing going on is potty training!

    * being able to buy that gorgeous top that I dont need because we have the extra pennies coming in.

    * the feeling that I have clocked off for the day/weekend. I know working mums come home and start again in the home, but it feels different to the home and family being my main job, which feels like 24/7!

    * getting the kids to do their bit around the house, instead of getting the reponse 'that's your job ur home all day!'


  2. Thanks Carol! Love your contribution :D

  3. Hallelujah, Karen!

    You've said everything I want to say to myself today. My most recent post is about this exact guilt. My friends tell me that I'm too hard on myself, and maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist. I'm going to take your advice and enjoy my children today--because it's the weekend, and I'm off the clock, like Carol says. Thanks for the solidarity.

  4. You can stay in a swanky hotel and be lazing away in a king size bubble bath for what feels like hours of uninterrupted bliss, with the excuse that it's demanded that you attend the conference in person by the boss! It's just so terrible!

  5. I am laughing at ur comment, Life is like a box of Chocolates.....
    that is exactly what my partner has done today. He gets a couple of team building exercises a year and tonight he is away.
    He makes it sound so boring, staying in a lovely hotel, bed all to himself, tab at the bar, swimming pool (you get the idea). But of course he has to do a meeting all morning first!!

    I did ask him when the wives and partners were going to get a similiar deal LOL



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