Monday, 21 June 2010

The toddler is a year and a half

Mieka & Arnia at Ballito - the nearest she wants to be at the beach
18 months! Time is flying by!


She is not speaking as much as I think she should. Just a few words here and there. The rest is still done with the pointy finger and a grunt. She’s learnt the negative uh-huh, and uses it very strategically.

We are not worried. Yet! We are also not known for our verbal proficiencies! Tracing it back to both sides of her gene pool; especially mine. Uhmmm... Mom is the guilty party! (Tongue-in-cheek)

She is a very cautious little girl. We see it now with the great experience of beach and sand. It was her second day today at the beach, and she did not want to put one little toe on the sand. Forget about going near the crashing waves! Apparently the beach is a very scary place! We left after half an hour after she dived for my breasts (for comfort), and fell asleep!

She loves her granddad and grandmother (my parents), and enjoys spending time with them. She gets them to get up by taking them by the hand. As soon as they are up and moving, she turns around, and wants to be picked up. From there she directs where she wants to go. Very smart! (She does it with us as well.)

She loves singing to us. No words yet, but wonderful mermaid songs. We can’t help but smile at the “melodies”. All made up!

She had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, but today all was sorted. I am very glad I am still breastfeeding. I know it is one of the best remedies to keep her hydrated and get a bit of nourishment in. It really helps while we are on holiday.

It is such a wonderful time to spend it with a toddler. We are very lucky!


  1. As a baby I used to hate the sand as well. I was always placed on a blanket. No sand on my feet, please! But a few years later I was a little fish and I still love the beach more than anything else. How things change over time.

  2. Congrats on that 18 month milestone.

  3. Happy birthday to baby girl!

    Don't panic too much about the lack of speaking - once she starts I doubt she'll stop!

  4. You are a good mamma to breastfeed. I love the language they seem to invent all by themselves and have a few pics of my little ones in the arms with the finger pointing in the direction you are to take them;-)

  5. My favourite period of a child's life thus far: 18 mths to 2yrs. Because they are just too cute for words!


  6. Mine's the same- super cautious and hates sand and sea and water. Sounds like the language thing is about right for the age? I wouldn't worry...

  7. Def dont panic about the not speaking, Bean was the same, but once she started, she hasnt stopped! in fact, it starts first thing in the morning with 'wake time mommy' and ends only at bedtime when I tell her there is no more talking we can talk again in the morning.

    Yay to milestones!


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