Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The toddler – day care shuffles

I was feeling a bit apprehensive yesterday morning, taking the toddler to her new class at day care.

I felt even more unsettled when I left her there:

One: I took her and her bag to the new class. There was no indication of where to put her stuff. No pigeon hole has been prepared with her name on it. I think it is something that could have been prepared? (Am I expecting too much?) I spoke to the head of the day care on Friday; to make sure that we were all on the same wavelength with regards the move. (They were the ones that informed me two weeks back that they are going to move the toddler.)

Two: Two mothers of toddlers that are already in the class told me - while I was trying to figure out what to do - that they are not very happy with the teacher. She is apparently very young and is not at all involved with the children. The assistant is doing most of the work. They were going to ask their toddlers to go to the other toddler class.

With that information I immediately took Mieka’s bag back to the baby section. I was planning to call the head during the day, but decided to wait to see what had happened. (Me and my-wait-and-see-attitude... Do you complain immediately, or wait a little bit?)

I got there this afternoon, and Mieka was walking around outside, all by herself. An assistant was standing about 200 metres from her with the other toddlers, also playing outside. A tad worrisome...
 I got to the toddler’s section, because that’s where I was directed, and a pigeon hole has been prepared for her with all her stuff. I also saw a picture of leaves that has been marked “Mieka” on the wall, with the rest of the children’s handiworks. The assistant was there and told me that Mieka enjoyed it, that she ate her food (?), and that she went to sleep twice in the babies’ section.
Mieka seem to have taken everything in her stride.

I felt a bit less concerned...

Mieka was extremely hungry at home. Did she get her appetite back, or did she NOT eat at day care?

I belief that diplomacy is not something you do when your child is concerned. I am definitely going to take my concerns up with the day care, and I am going to mention that two of the mothers are very unhappy (I won’t say who it is). I have also written a note to the teacher for today. I want some feedback from her!

The things you have to worry about when you are a working mother...


  1. Yes get to know the teacher and get her involved. Let her understand you are a hands on parent and she is taking care of your most precious darling little girl. (Then you wish the toddler could talk and tell you all..... ;-))

  2. Difficult but I think you need to go speak. Hey - did we think this ended when they go to normal school? I am sitting with a similar problem with my 13 year old. Her class teacher is strange. Yesterday she said in front of the class - about Marielle : Friggin Hell - you got 98%. Well, that may sound funny - but it gave the class "permission" to be nasty about such a beautiful mark. Does one leave these things alone? She has had enough knocks already!

  3. I spoke to the head of the school just now. She is aware of the problem with the teacher. The teacher is extremely introverted, and also very young. But she is working with her. She also said that the parents does not see what the head of the school sees during the day. She has a television monitor for all the classes and she knows what is going on...
    Sheweee...! I feel a bit of relief!
    Now I just want to know what the interrupted sleep with the toddler was all about? The new class, or daddy that is not at home?

  4. We've had our fair share of concerns with the previous preschool my kids attended. They did great in the baby rooms and got so much attention and care. Then when they got into the 2 year old room things started bothering me. Picking up my kids I found a toddler unattended in the bathroom while the teachers and kids were out on the playground. I've seen a septic bathroom more than once and when I entered the classroom I saw teachers doing their own thing while the kids run around like crazy doing whatever.

    I moved them last year June and don't regret it one bit. The new daycare is beyond awesome. They are excited to go to school every day and the teachers do the most awesome activities with the kids. Right now they are planting tomatoes, strawberries and watermelons and they are studying the life cycle of the butterfly and the frog. There are caterpillars and tadpoles scattered around the class in huge glass jars. They are so proud of what they are learning.

  5. shewee! I feel as though its my child you talking about. Been waiting to hear how the move would go, glad Mieka enjoyed it. Good luck for the rest of the week!


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