Thursday, 1 April 2010


I am still giggling about Yvonne’s post about her nosy neighbours. She got divorced, but stayed on in the same house. It means that she kept the same neighbours (Duh…); the neighbours who for some strange reason took the side of her unfaithful husband in the whole split up drama. They reported diligently to the X-husband about her activities, especially when she started to see the X-husband of the lady with whom her husband shacked up with. (Yes, it is a strange story! Smile!)

It made me think about our neighbours in our complex where we are staying. I am usually one of the silent types of neighbours who only greets and rush inside. I don’t have the time to chit-chat, although I wished I could have been less rushed/introverted.

Our neighbours on the left moved away a month ago. We met each other when they were building our homes, and we have been doing the occasional braai (barbeque) together. They have a small daughter as well, and Mieka is now going to the same crèche as their little girl. Which I am very pleased with! We miss them already, although they invited us to come and look at their new home the previous weekend. We are going to try and keep in contact, although I know it does not always work that way…

It was nice to have people to phone to just check up on your property or dog when you go away. (Sigh!)

Now we have the Russians left at the back who have been a constant source of irritation to us. They had a pit-bull terrier that they kept in the small space of the yard, without any kennel or dog house to stay in. We felt very sorry for the dog. Luckily we saw they got rid of the dog, and saw a sign up at the gate: “We have lost a rabbit.” And somebody underneath has scribbled “Thanks for the rabbit stew!”

They have two kids who don’t go to sleep before 11 at night, and we hear them screaming and crying the whole time. Some of the neighbours at the other side have complained about the kids riding on their scooters at ten at night. Apparently our parenting styles are very different!

Our chairman of the Body Corporate, Penny, a very sharp lady, knocked on their door one night to tell them to keep it down and that their children should be in bed already.

I’ve got a few stories to tell about Penny as well. The men called her when they saw a snake in one of the gardens, which she came and promptly disposed off. Just the other night she was on our neighbour’s roof to fix their geyser!

Wow! There are more characters and goings on in our complex than I realised. Our lives would have been much more boring without them … (more blog posts to follow, definitely! Smile)

Do you have a nosy neighbour?

(Photo: taken a few months back - peeking over the wall in our complex)


  1. We live in a neighborhood with lots of retirees. Which is great because there are people walking the neighborhood all the time and they know everybody and will step in when something is going on that does not look right. I have lots of stories to tell about several neighbors! That probably makes me the nosy neighbor! Or maybe just the observant neighbor!

  2. Ha - o yes - neighbours - a source of fun or irritation. Reading your post I thought - well better the neighbour you know than the one you don't. so - I guess I will stick to my nosey neighbours. At least I know how to manage them. I can USE them to get strategic info to the X. Great fun.

  3. The thing about neighbours - to get to know them well. It's a reminder to myself!


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