Thursday, 8 April 2010

Blogger comments frustrations

Powerwoman has a gripe with Blogger comments! You write something from the heart in a comment post, and “publish” it!
No! No! AAARGGGH....!!!!! Where is it? It is gone!
I have to do it all over again.
- Write the comment.
- Select profile. (Sometimes there is only an empty profile box. What’s with that?)
- Try to decipher the word verification.
- Wait and wait... (I don’t think it is only our slow connections responsible for this)
- Published! Celebrations! It happens very seldom the first time!
I sometimes just give up after a second try. No wonder we struggle to get comments for our blog posts!
It is not that easy! It is as if The Bloggers (Blogger team?) have conspired to make it as difficult as possible to get a comment into the Bloggersphere! (I must add - sorry Bloggers - but Wordpress give a much better experience every time!)

I think it should be one of the easiest things to be able to comment on a blog post.



  1. You are 1000% right. I have so often witten my heart out on a comment on your blog, then eventually it gets lost in all the hallabaloo of getting it on. I try a 2nd time - loose it again - and then I give up. I now very often write the comment, copy it into memory - before going through it all - JUST in case I loose it. VERY frustrating.

  2. An irritated family member also phoned me just now who wanted to comment. She was unable to.
    I had the same experience just now on the I got a message "socket empty" and had to retype again!

  3. yep i agree, can be very frustrating. sometimes after i have successfully published my computer goes crazy and tries to open a new internet page over and over again non-stop! then i have to restart my computer and system restore!

  4. Guys, you can disable word verification on your comments in Blogger - at least this removes one step of the process.

  5. Tasneem, I have to CTRL,ALT+DEL many times to stop the internet pages trying to open up again and again.

    Thanks, Margot. I changed my settings just now! :D

  6. Hi, we are struggling with the comment section of the book club blog. We were receiving SO much spam, hence the doulbe word verification.

    if you get to the 'empty socket' page, if you just press the reload button in your browser bar it should resend all info thru (without you having to retype). Sorry! Pls don't stop leaving comments!

    I learn't a long time ago to quickly copy the comment before i press publish!

  7. I am learning it the hard way! Copy, copy before you do anything! Thanks Shayne for he input!


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