Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tiny gymnastics

The toddler had her first gymnastics class on Saturday. We spent a couple of weeks of clicker training with the dog, and we can still get the dog to sit (I must brag). We wanted to do something special with the toddler on a Saturday, and heard of the Tiny Tumbles classes with Tammy Smith.

I thought that we would have a crying or reticent toddler to start with, but after the first song with shaky hips and up-down shoulders she was all smiles and full of bounce. They were tumbling forwards and backwards, climbing through a tunnel, over, and forwards and backwards...

I can just imagine how valuable this is going to be. Mieka did not do crawling at all, and this will help definitely to get her to catch up with the crawling. She enjoyed the song and dances as well, and would not let go of another dad’s hand after they finished with the “Ring-a-rosy” song.

The rest of the weekend we caught her climbing dangerously on the chairs and tables. She also loves it when we do some of the tumble movements with her. This is a very fun Saturday activity for us with the toddler. We also enjoyed it, especially the toddler’s enthusiasm with all the activities. It goes to show – the more you feed the little brain and body, the more you get!


  1. We have a sImilar thing here called gymbaroo :) I used to take K while preg with A and he loved the gymnastics part :). Love the action photos, she looks so happy :)

  2. My girls love gymnastics and, when you think about it, what's not to love! It really teaches them confidence in their abilities and a little bit of risk taking. Which is a good thing in a healthy environment. Your little one looks like it's love at first sight!

  3. Wonderful! Show me the kid that does not like moving around and exploring? Unfortunately it only gets worse from here on out. Be afraid! Be very afraid! LOL.

  4. So glad Mieka loves it! I hated it all the way in school. Should have started earlier to tumble ha ha. I loved climbing trees, swimming and running around...... roller skating....any else but G! ;-)

    Glad you took it on!

  5. Looks like she had fun. We had huge success with our dogs with clicker training.

  6. Awesome! She looks like she's having a blast.

  7. Her face says it all!

    Wonderful that they can have a fab time and develop the right muscles at the same time.


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