Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thursday and the teen/toddler

Arnia at Umdloti
It is the first of the second half of the year’s months. Amazing! How the time flies.

The teen celebrates her 17th next week, and we realized with a shock this morning that we have to make plans for Sunday for the family. I had it in the back of my mind that it is only in July… Now, wait! It IS July already!

I want to book at Van Gaalen Cheese Farm near Hartebeespoort Dam/Skeerpoort, because it is also very child-friendly. I will definitely post about it, next week.

The teen is working at the toddler’s day care during the holidays. She gave in her CV at a good number of places. In the end it turned out that the day care needed somebody extra to help with all the school children that stay there during the school holidays. It is not her favourite thing to help with children, but is the extra saving money worth! That school tour to France next year is not that far away anymore!

Arnia at Umdloti

What also helps with the teen working at the day care is that she can report back about the toddler. I am a bit fed up with them! The toddler’s teacher left a month back, and now they have two helpers sitting with the toddlers. Mieka had nappy rash again this week, and it seems that they are ignoring my letter (post) about her bottles. I sent three for her to drink, and I see that they only give her two bottles during the day. Apparently the head is interviewing people.

And the toddler is biting again. Is it also not a sign of frustration?

When do you decide to move your child? Do I wait for the new person before I make a decision? I will phone the head of the school again today.

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  1. Oh, how frustrating. It's so difficult and stressful having to leave your little one in the hands of someone and then worry, despite paying good money for it, that they're not taking the best care of them. I don't have any suggestions ... but hope that this resolves soon. Have a fabulous day!


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