Thursday, 29 July 2010

List of tactics to get them to sleep

Hubby is sick! Toddler is sick! THE FLU! They are a sorry bunch here! I am ignoring that irritating scratch in my throat. I was lying next to the toddler last night; on the ground (Take Note!), when I was thinking how many tactics we use to get them to sleep. ANY-THING, even something as sleeping on the floor, will sound a bit crazy when someone tells you about it. But not when you are into desperate measures for sleep.

I was reading Maxabella’s post at Real Bloggers United about her sleep deprived years and that she found that Patience was her partner. I was feeling very smug. It seems they had a much harder time than we are having...

Just for interest sake. I was sleeping on the floor in Mieka’s room, because Dries has BAD BAD flu and he was in our bed. Mieka did not want me to put her down in her cot. So I made us a bed on the floor, and spent the night there. Not very comfortable! I was cold the whole night, while she was burning up with fever... The things you do for sleep!

The tactics we use to get them to sleep (tactics that work):

  • Breastfeeding (one of my favourites);
  • Bottle;
  • Rocking them in your arms (although it is not one of Mieka’ favourites);
  • Sitting on an exercise ball while rocking them (used when Mieka was smaller.);
  • Walking with her on your shoulder while busy in the house (tactic of Dries);
  • Driving around in the car;
  • Wearing them in a pouch;
  • Pushing them in a pram. Back and forth, or going for a walk;
  • Lying next to them on the bed until they fall asleep;
  • Looking at stars. (added on 2-10-2010)
Any other suggestions?

(Notice that we don’t do the cry out method.)


  1. I don't think the cry out method acceptable either. If a baby cries they need something; even if it is just attention. My opinion is and always has been, if a kid is sick they need to get all the attention they need, even if I need to stay up all night.

  2. LOUD music. My kid is a bit odd that way but if you put a LOUD heavy metal tune on he says "sleep!" if he's tired and drifts off in my arms by the time the song is over. Cutie! We don't use this method unless he's been overtired or overstimulated and can't settle as usual...

  3. Hi Margot I haven't tried this one! LOL Very extreme, but definitely worth the try!


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