Sunday, 11 July 2010

Weekend withdrawal kicking in

Sunday evenings are the worst. Following a perfect relaxing weekend with the family; who wants to jump back into the rat race on Monday? Aaaargh!

May your Monday be a good one!

I am busy watching the last of the World Cup! My vote goes to the Orange Team, the Dutch. It promises to be a good game... Vu-vu-vu-ze-la!

Picture update:
Looking at the ducks with my friend, CP
Tres Jolie
Chasing the chickens
Tres Jolie
Not cautious about sitting on the donkey
Tres Jolie
Enjoying the jumping castle with Dad


  1. Stem saam met jou ... glad nie lus vir Maandag se gejaag nie. Sterkte vir jou!

  2. I took Friday off, so I know tomorrow is going to be a doozy!


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