Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Breastfeeding moments

Following a weekend with the toddler, it is very difficult to get into the weekly routine on a Monday morning. Especially with regards the breastfeeding routine.

On a weekend we stretch the mornings in bed a little longer with the toddler snugly on the breast. She wakes anything from 5, but we are able to stretch sleeping well after 7 o’clock.

This Monday was the last time in a very long time where I could sit a little bit longer with her. The schools start today, and because the traffic is going to be back to normal (hectic), I stretched it until 6 while sitting with her on the breast.

I was looking down on the sleepy child with her arms wrapped around me. A picture of contentedness! How I wish I could sit her every morning until she wakes up in her own time... One of the working mom’s guilt trips! At 6 I had to start dressing her and take her down to her dad who made her a bottle while I had to rush to get dressed myself. Luckily the traffic played along and I was not late.

But today is going to be a whole different story. The schools start again after the end of the World! No more stretching the special moments with the toddler...

Stop complaining, Powerwoman, you’ve got it covered! (Chin up, smile wide!)


  1. Oh I do remember those days - I fed my eldest for almost 2 years. I loved the closeness and snuggling. Sadly for the rest it last about 6 months as life was just too darn hectic.

    The traffic sure had picked up considerably this morning! Time to play the powerball and win the R70+ mil ... then we can snuggle more :-)

    Have a smiley warm day.

  2. I miss those days....lying in bed with a breastfeeding toddler. So close.

    I detest the guilty feeling. I had to pick Zander up this morning while he was still sleeping and carry him outside in the cold, so that I could drop his brothers off at school


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