Friday, 2 July 2010

Kisses from the toddler

“Kiss me!”

The toddler responds with a *KISS* - open mouth, sometimes…

Or the closed pouting mouth kisses that we so regularly give each other here!

And the best is when she gives a warm kiss all of a sudden, without being asked. Sometimes all over your face!

Dad says it is the most wonderful, best feeling ever! Warm and fuzzy!

This is what makes it worth it all! Being a parent of a wonderful little person, and receiving unsolicited love from her.

What is better than this? (I dare you to come up with something more rewarding.)


  1. Oh nothing is but the hugs, and "I love you mommy's" come close.

  2. Nope - nothing compares ... and I do agree with Cat :-)

  3. Nope. There is nothing better in the whole world. ;)


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