Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Enough of the weather already and another day in hospital

It is rainy, overcast and cold here in Johannesburg. And we had to go to the hospital yesterday! Again!

It is very strange weather for this time of the year! Especially the rain. It feels like we are experiencing Cape Town weather. Cold and wet and it is not even winter yet. We hope it doesn’t signal a cold winter coming up? Maximums of 14 and 15 degrees and we COMPLAIN here! (Smile)

The toddler had an abscess drained the previous week, and on Sunday we saw the spot had started to grow again. Aaargh! Poor baby! Yesterday we had to go through the whole thing again: Book into hospital, theatre, having to sit with our little one while she is groggy after the anaesthetics. It feels so unnecessary but there is apparently nothing else to be done. An abscess has to be cut and drained, and it is better to put babies down because they won’t lie still on their own.

The cut was made bigger underneath her arm, and the surgeon inserted a small piece of gauze in the wound to keep it open for longer. I am SOOO squeamish, and I feel so sorry for Mieka. I just hope it is the last last time!

Photo: Mieka just before she went into the theatre. She was hungry because we could not give her anything to eat since 11 am, and she only went in after 6 pm.

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  1. Poor Mieka and hope the doctors got it sorted now! No fun way to spend the long weekend.

  2. Oh the poor little sweetie :( I'll have fingers crossed for you all that's the last time if has to be drained :(

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope she feels better and will now recover fully!

  4. Oh, no... poor baby girl! She is so brave (and so are you, Mama... I am also very squeamish!). I hope this second time has done it, and it will all be smooth sailing from now on.

    BTW, did you see that I gave you an award on my blog?? Drop by, OK? ;)

  5. Thanks for all the good wishes! Mieka is at day care today with a note on the chest not to touch underneath the arm. :-)
    I think she will be OK now.

    Thanks WarsawMommy for the award! :D

  6. Oh poor poor baby! I hope that by now she is all better.

  7. Much better, thanks. We are going to the doctor again tonight for a check-up!

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