Friday, 16 April 2010

The Toddler’s section at day care

I am so impressed with my Mieka. She is taking it in her stride: moving from the babies to the toddler’s section at the day care this week.

Yesterday they reported to me that she even slept on her mat with the other toddlers.

There are pictures of autumn and autumn leaves pinned up against the wall with her name on it every day of the week. It is the theme of the month: Autumn. (We are beginning to feel a little pinch of winter here…)

When I fetch her in the afternoons, she is walking around outside with the other children. On a mission by herself, of course! She looks so small walking around with the bigger children, and my heart goes mushy when I see her. She is always so excited when we go to fetch her!

It is doing her good, because she seems a bit more eager at home to read her books, and she watches with great concentration when they show animals or planes or babies on the television. She gets very upset when the picture changes… Enquiring to us with her little hand (showing “come-here, come here”) to put up the same footage again. Very cute!

(Photo by Grandfather James)


  1. So cute. They grow up so quickly.

  2. HI - I'm visiting from Mummy Time.

    That is one adorable little girl... amazing how much children respond to playschool and being around other small kids, huh? And reading books... a majorly good thing ;)

  3. Your daughter is so adorable!

    My 2 yo little girl has just started saying "cah here" "cah here." It always cracks me up.

    Ooh, Happy FYBF!


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