Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Teen update

Photo: The teen made us the most wonderful macaroni and cheese dish last Friday. We paged through all the wonderful easy recipes in Zhoozsh!, the recipe book by Jeremy Mansfield and his wife Jacqui. The book has fall-back recipes that all of us know, but with some secret ingredient added to it. The macaroni and cheese has sweet chili sauce and Tabasco added to it. She only added the sweet chili, because the toddler is eating with us. The toddler enjoyed the dish as much as we did!

The teen is at a good place in her life right now:
- She and the boyfriend have been going out for 6 months now (Big milestone for teen love!);
- She is getting good grades at school;
- She is going to the hockey practises three times a week, and playing against other schools in the B Team. (We think it is very good that she got as far as this, because she did not start to play hockey until she got to high school.)
- She has positive friends in her life. (Big sigh of relief! We always talk of how important it is to choose your friends.)
I am very proud of her. I am amazed at the beautiful and caring person that she has turned into!

During the holidays she wanted to go and visit the BF at his house with no parents around. I was not that popular when I said “No!” I understand that they miss each other during the holidays, but I know that other parents have the same rules than we do. What do you think, what is the right age to allow the teens to be alone together? 40? (Wink *evil smile*)


  1. Sweet picture ... bless her heart for cooking! Having been through two daughters and now a teenage granddaughter, we'll all just have to keep our fingers crossed for smooth sailing ahead!

  2. you should be proud of you too, after all you had a hand in how she turned out! I totally agree with you on th BF issue. I had a good head on my shoulders as a teen, but i always say I am so grateful for strict parents as i am certain I would've been a teen pregnancy statistic today otherwise! Good Luck!


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