Friday, 23 April 2010

The toddler and shoes

The toddler loves her shoes!

The photo was taken by her grandfather James this week at day care. See in the background the other toddlers that don’t have their shoes on anymore, but Mieka sits with her boots.

(The sticker on her clothes is to remind everyone at day care that they should be careful about her right arm, where they removed the abscess. She hasn’t complained once since the abscess was drained. Phew!)

It is no problem to get Mieka to sit down to put on her shoes in the mornings! I just love it! It is such a joy to see her putting her little foot up in the air for me to put on the shoe. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes, she waits until you are finished with the fastening. It makes me want to buy more shoes than necessary, because it is such a pleasure…

I remember the teen hated to put on shoes. The only shoes I could on her feet, were those soft little booty types of shoes with the extra padding underneath. She had a little problem with her feet while walking. (I can’t remember what it was. It was not that significant.) The paediatrician recommended that she stay barefoot most of the time, so we had a reason why she did not wear her shoes. (Smile)

But our little Princess loves her shoes, and she loves playing in her cupboard with all the shoes. Taking it out, and trying to put it on. Very cute!


  1. That's a girl for you. My boys are refusing to wear shoes after the winter.

  2. ah, Bean loves her boots and teletubby shoes, but only if its time to go out, then its barefoot!

  3. My kids love shoes and as soon as I buy new pairs they will be running around the house with it.

  4. This is a kid after my own heart - I LOVE shoes. I think I may even collect them ;)


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